MCPL Receives Award for Environmental Impact from Kansas City Business Journal

Independence, MO -- Last month, Mid-Continent Public Library was honored by the Kansas City Business Journal with an ImpacT Award under the environmental impact category for our transfer to a paperless agenda-creation and document-management system. MCPL also received an Impact Award in 2011 for our Library-To-Go’s in the category of client interface.

“It is a great honor to be recognized, and to be recognized twice in consecutive years is really something special,” said Library Director and CEO Steven V. Potter. “To me, one of the greatest benefits to this recognition is that it helps the Library show our efforts to those outside the normal audience.”

The ImpactT Awards program recognizes valuable contributions made by local businesses that affect their internal operations, efficiency, and financial performance through the use of new or existing technology. MCPL received the award for our paper-saving advancements in creating a new technology-driven documentation system.

“Saving paper is inherently a good thing. But more important to me than saving paper is all the other resources that are saved with a solution like this one. Much like the Lorax, I would like to think that I “speak for the trees” when I say that BoardDocs is a positive program in terms of our paper consumption,” said Potter. “Even more than the savings in paper is the savings in time, the savings in transportation and shipping costs, the savings in our storage, the ability to support our meetings in a more timely way, and the ability for the people of the Library district to have more access to their library’s governance.’

Before switching to the new digital system, MCPL was using nearly 47,000 sheets of paper to print agendas and information packets for the monthly Board of Trustees meeting. By utilizing our new BoardDocs software, Board members can track decisions and keep updated on projects without the printing of unnecessary single-use paperwork.

“This solution provides a single point of entry for our staff, our board, and our public to stay informed about the Library’s decisions. What is most important is that BoardDocs provides a new level of transparency,” said Potter. “Our public can go online and follow the agenda as the Board takes up each issue. When votes are taken, they can see that in real time, along with those making motions, seconds, and how the vote went. The process to create meeting minutes is very quick. We can frequently have unapproved minutes up in time measured in hours instead of days. BoardDocs helps people be more informed about MCPL’s governance.

To find out more about BoardDocs or follow a board meeting, visit

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