Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors Announces Two new Member’s Only Benefits that will help members create their own PRIVATE BANK!

Kansas City, December 1, 2012: Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors today announced two new training items added to their member’s only benefits. Two experts in the Real Estate Investing Industry have agreed to share training materials with MAREI members that when combined will provide members of MAREI with the tools they need to create their own Private Bank to do all the Real Estate Investing Deals they can put together.

First from Alan Cowgill, the Private Lending Expert we have ‘How to Get All The Money You Need to Buy Property, Even if your credit is shot, you’re broke and living paycheck to paycheck’. In the real estate investing industry there are four steps: Find, Fund, Fix and Flip. Where many people get hung up is on the Funding Side. In this 25 Chapter Ebook, we are introduced to the concept of Private Lenders, how to find them, how to connect with them, and how to get them to lend you money.

Second from Walter Wofford, the nation’s expert on Private Lending, we have part of his complete course ‘Strategies for Tax FREE IRA Investing’, where we find out how to invest our IRA monies or using Private Lender Strategies, investing other peoples IRA moneys in real estate, notes, and other investments. The complete course sells for $297 and we have the first five sections and a link for you to purchase the entire course.

By combining the information from these two power house experts members of MAREI will be able to assemble their very own private bank to fund their real estate investments that does not depend on bankers, credit, or money that you may have. There are billions of dollars sitting out there in retirement accounts that we as real estate investors could be tapping into. These two training programs will help you gain access. These are exclusive training materials for members of Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors. Members can go online right now and log into the website at http://www.MAREInet.com and get access by finding the training page under the member’s only tab. If you are not yet a member, this is just one of the many valuable benefits available to our members and you can join today for access.

Find out more on the MAREI website at www.MAREInet.com or call 913-815-0111.

Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors is a trade association for real estate professionals across the country. Based in Kansas City and serving members locally with live meetings since 2003 as well as investors nationwide with internet only memberships.

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