Kansas City area author to release 4th novel in series

12/3/12—Springville, Utah--Kansas City area author, Rebecca Woods will release her fourth novel, “Nathan of Silver Falls,” on Dec. 11, 2012.

Nathan knows his older brother is trouble. Selfish and arrogant, Caleb is the last person the townsfolk of Silver Falls want to see. But now that Caleb is determined to bring his family west, there’s no telling what will happen, especially since his youngest daughter, Emma, has the voice and beauty of an angel, and a heart ready to fall in love before its time.

Despite all his plans and efforts to stop the changes in Silver Falls, Nathan discovers that some things are just meant to be! Step back in time and experience the world of Silver Falls like never before! Charming, romantic and full of fun, this delightful read is one you’re sure to treasure for years to come.

“I loved this book and couldn’t put it down,” said Caro Portus of Chicago. “As a Silver Falls fan, it was refreshing to see the world they lived in through Nathan’s eyes.”

Although “Nathan of Silver Falls” doesn't hit stores until Dec. 11, it is currently available for pre-sale on Amazon.com and BarnesAndNoble.com.


About the Author: Rebecca Woods lives a quiet life in the Midwest where she enjoys writing, farming and playing with her horses.
“For me, writing books is like watching a movie in my mind and then translating that into print. I’m not always sure what’s going to happen until I “see” it. It was especially fun, in this volume, to discover the world from Nathan’s perspective. I hadn’t assumed before that men would see the world so differently than women, but it was interesting, and so much fun to write about young Emma’s life. What do you do when your fifteen year old falls in love? Oh my!”

For more information, contact Cedar Fort at kmartinez@cedarfort.com

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