Biotechnology Hits Missouri

Biological Tech Solutions, a provider of eco-friendly products, is pleased to announce the opening of their sales division in Branson, Mo. The location will provide solutions for commercial and industrial entities seeking environmentally friendly solutions for cleaning, purifying, de-greasing and reducing overall chemical use in any operation.

Biological Tech Solutions is located at 500 West Main, STE 202 B in the Branson Financial Center and is owned by a young woman Randi Lipscomb. Potential clients of Biological Tech Solutions include restaurants, hotels, theaters, landscapers, theme parks, water body caretakers and eco-protection groups.

With the rise of local businesses opening in Branson, the demand for “Green” solutions has increased. Biological Tech Solutions specializes in efficiency and expertise for municipalities and companies. Biological Tech Solutions is delivering effective biotechnology that is more powerful than enzymes, but safe enough for nature and children.

“Many people are interested in sustainability, especially to guarantee a cleaner Branson for their children. By simply replacing traditional chemicals with a green product you are personally taking responsibility for cleaner and safer tomorrow.” said owner Randi Lipscomb. “We felt there was a niche here for effective eco-friendly products that keep Branson beautiful and protect Table Rock Lake.” Although there are many “Green” companies online, Biological Tech Solutions intends to offer a wider variety of advanced bio solutions. “At Biological Tech Solutions we’ll provide an array of bio preferred products,” Lipscomb continued. “From removing the oil stains from your parking lot, to serious environmental problems such as protecting our Ozark lakes from Blue Green Algae outbreaks.”

Biological Tech Solutions will open their office for an open house of product demonstrations and networking in early March. “Our goal is to become a trusted partner with the community.” Lipscomb said. Biological Tech Solutions’ sales division is headquartered in Branson, Mo.


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