West Platte School District upgrades to fiber network

West Platte School District “Plugs-In” – District Upgrades to Fiber Network

Weston, MO November 26, 2012: The West Platte School District has upgraded from a 3 Mbps Internet connection to 50 Mbps fiber optic network to support the school's use of educational applications and online resources, as well as setting the infrastructure for use of individual devices by students.

The new 50 Mpbs fiber optic network was recently installed across the school’s campus, and it provides more than nine times more bandwidth which gives the West Platte students and teachers a wealth of connectivity creating essentially the blackboard and chalk equivalent of the 21st century classroom.

“Once integrated, our students and teachers will have a competitive advantage in learning, which will lead to increased wins for our students in college and career, as well as, increased wins for our teachers in reaching mastery of Common Core objectives for all students.” Dr. Jerrod Wheeler, Superintendent of Schools

Bandwidth is not the only progress at West Platte. The school has installed SMARTBoards, projectors, document cameras, and other staples of the modern classroom in every classroom PreK-12. There are 300 or more devices on the network at any time, and with the new fiber optic connection, the network no longer bogs down under the load. The new network also supports the school’s online systems for report cards, attendance records, group collaboration, and communicating with students and parents.

“I think it’s awesome because now we can listen to videos and tutorials and open multiple programs at the same time! It especially helps in my desk top publishing class. It just makes learning faster and easier, which is great news for West Platte! - Bailey Gabbert, Student at West Platte High School

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