Chiropractic Adjustments Prove to Relieve Symptoms in 2 Year Old Pediatric Patient

(11-20-12, Kansas City, MO). A recent article in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health reported on a case study that documented the positive effects of chiropractic adjustments on two-year-old male suffering from asthma, chronic colds and respiratory issues.
A two-year-old male was presented for chiropractic consultation by his mother with the primary complaints being asthma, chronic colds, and respiratory issues since birth for evaluation and possible care. At the time of the initial examination the patient was taking two medications, Flovent and Singulair, daily.
“Asthma in children is very prevalent in the general population,” said Dr. Knudson, Kansas City-based, D.C., who follows health and wellness issues closely in professional journals and other publications, “with 9 million U.S. children under 18 being diagnosed with asthma.”
In 2005, an estimated 22.2 million people in the U.S. suffered from asthma. Asthma is the leading cause of school absence in the United States, with the prevalence rates in children less than 5 years of age increasing 160% from 1980-1994. Asthma is a respiratory condition that is characterized by inflammation and mucus production which result in decreased airflow. This is characterized by recurrent episodes of wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath and a feeling of chest tightness. Common symptoms among pediatric asthmatics are wheezing and shortness of breath. “In the case of this 2-year old suffering from asthma, chronic colds and respiratory issues since birth, there was a resolution of symptoms after receiving four adjustments over the course of three weeks.” stated Dr. Joe. “Evidence in this case supports chiropractic care in the management of asthma and associated symptoms,” explained Dr. Joe, “And there needs to be further investigation to explore chiropractic as a viable alternative to medical care in the management of asthma related conditions.”
•Anyone wishing more information may contact Dr. Joseph Knudson, Fountain of Life Family Chiropractic • 8335 N CONGRESS AVE KCMO 64152 • Phone 816.741.4711 • Email •

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