Venture Friday raises more than $450 for Movember

Contact: Sara Heins 913-384-5700

Red Nova Labs hosted their monthly Venture Friday but for the first time used the event as a way to raise money for a charitable cause: Movember. Movember encourages men to grow out their moustaches for the month of November in order to raise awareness for men’s health. Supporters of the “Mo Bro’s” can donate money online to the team, with all money going to spread the word and to fund programs relating to prostate and testicular cancer.

This month’s event also featured a volunteer-based startup, Stand Up For Good. Stand Up For Good helps bring local volunteers together with causes they care about through a social connection. Marketing Director of Red Nova Labs and coordinator of Venture Fridays, Matt Oberender, was excited to bring a new depth to the event. “We brought in a nonprofit focused on volunteering on a community level and were also able to help a great cause, something we’ve been wanting to explore for awhile.”

With a $20 buy-in for a spot at the poker tables, 20 participants (and a few generous observers) pitched in to raise $468 for the cause. In the heated Texas Hold’em arena, Jeff Danley won first prize while Red Nova Labs’ own Bobby Curiel took second place. Other participating Red Nova Labs employees Bob Zhou, CTO and Tim Banks, Engineering Director, were not as lucky, leaving the game with only their beer bottle moustaches and the despair of defeat.

Curiel and Banks are also participating in the company-wide Movember, and have grown moustaches accordingly for the cause. Although the office is beginning to get a little hairy, the contributions to the cause have been well worth the strange looks.

Additionally, the startup Mannaise, a recent Kickstarter success and former Venture Friday spotlight, joined again this month and gave away their ultra-spicy mayo to the men and women who dressed their mustaches to impress. Costumes included “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” Dale Earnhardt and Super Mario, Eric Estrada, Magnum P.I., Dr. Feel Good, Mark Mussler of the Village People, Gobber the Viking and Captain Merrill Stubing of the Love Boat.

About Red Nova Labs: In 2009, Red Nova Labs was founded as a software think-tank with a hand in all things tech and entrepreneurial. We solve niche industry marketing and business management problems with user-friendly and effective solutions; our most prominent clients are of the self-storage variety. Glamour is relative, and we find it in the world of computers, startups and storage units.

About Stand Up For Good: Stand Up For Good is a social start-up founded in Kansas City. We believe that communities are struggling, both to connect to one another and to share their common values. We want to help energize neighborhoods by creating a people-powered cause marketplace that matches people that want to take a stand with those that need their help.

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