MD Alam: Top 10 Missouri Democrats place bid for 2016 Senate race

MD Alam: Placed 10th Position in the Democratic Primary among all the Prominent Democrats in Missouri

MD Rabbi Alam ( in the 2012 Missouri Democratic Primary got about 40K Votes which was less than the following Democrats in Missouri who are also known as established Democrats.

1.US Senator: Claire McCaskill 2.Missouri Governor: Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon 3.Missouri Former Auditor and Current Lt. Governor Candidate: (D) Susan Montee 4.Missouri Treasurer: Clint Zweifel 5.Missouri Attorney General: Chris Koster 6.Missouri Secretary of State Candidate: (D) Jason Kander 7.Congressman: Lacy Clay 8.Congressman: Emanuel Cleaver II and 9.Missouri Democratic Primary Candidate for Lt. Governor: Judy Baker 10.Missouri Democratic Primary Candidate for Secretary of State: (D) MD Alam


What we have seen from the August 7’ 2012 Primary Result is that MD Alam placed 10th Position among the all Democrats in all statewide and Federal races based on votes. Among hundreds of candidates MD Alam was able to reach the 10th Position as a Democrat.

As the Founder of Missouri Democratic Party Asian American Caucus and the National Chairman of US National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus, MD Alam was able to reach out the Asian American minority voters. Most of these voters never voted before and they are the brand new voters. The Democratic Asian American Caucus has 11 County Chapters in Missouri and there are 27 state chapters in Nation-wide of National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus. MD Alam is also a DNC Member of NDECC (National Democratic Ethnic Coordinating Council). MD Alam is the first ever immigrant specially post 9/11 Modern Immigrant to run for Missouri Secretary of State and was able to gain 13.1% Votes on August 7’ 2012 Primary election in Missouri history.

MD Alam continues his positive involvement and Asian American Democratic Caucus Movement and hopeful for much more success of Minorities in political involvement. MD Alam will place a bid for US Senate in 2016 against Senator Roy Blunt (R). MD Alam hopes to bring Asian American Immigrant Communities in the Political Process as a collective voice.

MD Alam, Candidate US Senate 2016 Kansas City, Missouri, USA August 13’ 2012 Website: Email:

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