Kansas City Industrial Council Brick by Brick Awards

The Kansas City Industrial Council (KCIC) is made up of the six industrial areas south of the river in KCMO. KCIC’s main focus is infrastructure improvements; there is an underpinning of basic economic development and sustainability initiatives. Each year the KCIC hosts the Brick by Brick Awards to recognize companies that have invested in the area(s) or people who have worked towards the betterment of the area.

Brick by Brick Awards Reception

This year, thirteen Brick by Brick Awards will be awarded at the KCIC Brick by Brick Awards reception tonight at 908 W 25th Street. The reception begins at 5:30 p.m. and the awards will be presented at 6:00 p.m.

Private Sector Bill Haw, Livestock Exchange Building Flex-N-Gate Gasket Engineering Karbank Real Estate Companies Midwest Wheel Milbank Manufacturing Company Full Moon Productions Superior Bowen Asphalt

Public Sector James Wang, KCMO Capital Projects Department Keith Ericsson, Kansas City Police Department, Northeast Security Alliance Lynda Hoffman, Waterways Division, City of Kansas City Water Services Terry Leeds, Director, City of Kansas City Water Services Vladimir Kristic, Kansas City Design Center

In addition, at tonight’s reception, the KCIC’s Sustainability Committee will be presenting awards of recognition to Kansas City companies that have demonstrated their commitment to sustainable environmental practices at their facility.

Gold Western Extralite Company (ENERGY - Renewables) cfm Distributors, Inc. (ENERGY - Renewables) Moly-Cop USA (ENERGY - Process) City of Kansas City, MO (ENVIRONMENT – Process)

Silver Western Extralite Company (ENERGY – Lighting) cfm Distributors, Inc. (ENERGY – Lighting) City of Kansas City, MO (ENERGY – Renewables) City of Kansas City, MO (ENVIRONMENT – Process)

2012 Brick by Brick Awards Luncheon- April 3rd

On April 3rd from 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at the College Basketball Experience (next to the Sprint Center in downtown Kansas City), KCIC will hold its annual Brick by Brick Luncheon. The award winners will again be recognized at the luncheon, which is expecting an attendance of over 160 business and civic leaders. This year’s program, "Infrastructure Challenges; What Would Harry Do?” highlights the challenges and importance of infrastructure to the economy as presented by President Harry S Truman portrayed by local historian Dr. Bill Worley*. “President Truman” will provide perspective of the importance of infrastructure to Kansas City’s economy during his political career and tie to that the importance it still has today and in the future.

*Dr. Worley is a scholar of American History. This has been expressed through authoring several books and through years of teaching, including his present position as Instructor at Blue River Community College-Kansas City. Much of his recent research supports his portrayals of Presidents James Madison, Harry S Truman and Richard Nixon along with other figures of the American scene. Dr. Worley recently co-authored Wrestling Presidents: From Pins to Patriots. Commissioned by the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, this book presents the life story of each wrestling Chief Executive, with special focus on their great (or not so great) scuffling exploits.

Additional information about the Kansas City Industrial Council can be found at their recently re-designed web site www.kciconline.com.

Please feel free to contact Julie Gibson Sally for information about tonight’s award reception or the Brick by Brick Luncheon.

Julie Gibson Sally O: 816.994.9849 C: 816.668.1143 julie.sally@global-prairie.com

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